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Redstone Motorsport - Redline Time Attack @ Buttonwillow


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Thought i'd share some pictures from the most recent time attack @ Buttonwillow. We ran Unlimited fwd in my dad H2 car. Ran the car with a stock type r engine but took the 200lbs of ballast out. We placed 2nd overall with a time of 2:01.0 (CW13). 1st place went to an Integra that ran 17" Yokohama slicks. He did a 1:58.7. He was super fast!


Thanks to VanHap for the photo's.











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Congrats again! I wanted to come by and say hi, but I was running around all day. I had the blue eg with the big wing in SFWD.



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car looks wicked!!!!!!!! nice work!!



From the first time i heard of Redstone, i knew i had heard it from some where else, but i couldn't place it. I had been meaning to ask, but always forgot.


I was stumbling around some old old BTCC pictures when i saw this,



Is this were the name came from?

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