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Price Drop!!! EF civic H2 B16, SPSS3's etc. $6000 obo


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91 Civic built for NASA honda challenge H2 class. Its about 95% finished, needs some safety equiptment(harness, fire system etc.) and better brakes(stock at the moment) to be competitive in H2.


B16 w/ stock bottom end, rebuilt head with 3 angle valve job by Vellios in So Cal, ITR cams(the earlier ones I think. Made 170 whp with a set of skunk 2 cams before the head was rebuilt


ARP head studs


Blox intake manifold


Baffled oil pan


New oil pump


Toda Header


Skunk 2 cam gears


Skunk 2 valve springs


fidanza aluminum flywheel


exedy stage 1 clutch


Apexi World Sport 2 Exhaust


Hondata phenolic manifold gasket


AEM fuel rail


B&M fuel pressure gauge


B&M fuel pressure regulator


P28 ECU obd1


Griffin Radiator and Samco hoses


Spal 12" Fan


Setrab oil cooler(new, not installed)


Koni Sport re-valved to SPSS3 specs with 650lb front springs and 800lb rears and ground control shock mounts front and rear


Energy Suspension poly bushings


Odyssey battery


Rota Slipstreams 15X7.5 with new/old avons mounted(wheels are new, tires are new but aged)

Sparco Corsa seat


YS1 cable trans with quaife diff, recently rebuilt with new syncros, bearings, and seals


Tilton brake proportioning valve(new installed)


Brand new Master Cylinder(integra I think, I know its bigger than what was originally on the car)


Stock brakes, have complete integra rear control arms with disc brakes


The cage was custom built at Dynamic Racing Solutions in La Habra, NASA and SCCA legal


6 point, 1.75" x .120" DOM main hoop and down tubes, the rest of the tubing is 1.5" X .095" DOM. NASCAR style drivers side door bar, and standard X on the passenger side.


Thats all I can think of at the moment, email me with any questions. The car is located in Duarte, So Cal. Asking $6000.00 obo, come check it out and make me an offer. Great deal, it would be near impossible to build a car anywhere close to my asking price.



Chris Reed


[email protected]







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it will need a more serious suspension and brake setup to be competitive in H2.



hey, thats plagiarism! You should have used quotes! Well, thanks for the bump. BTW, building a harness and getting the car into running condition, so the price is likely to go up if unless I decide to keep it!

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Just installed a set of freshly rebuilt and revalved(SPSS3) konis with ES poly busings and ground control shock mounts. This car is almost ready to hit the track guys! Upgrade the brakes, install a harness and fire system and you're pretty much ready to go!

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Hey guys,


I've been slowly upgrading the car while having it posted for sale here, so the price will continue to go up as I put more money into the car.


If my life was a little less hectic, I would prefer to keep the car and run it in H2 next year. However, I plan on trying to purchase a house very soon which is a necessity for my family and I, and unfortunately a race car is not.


I'm willing to accept(considerably lower) offers on the car to sell it quickly, please let me know if you're interested and we can work something out. Would like to have the car sold by October if possible.

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Man, I thought this car would sell in no time on this site. I guess the economy really is that bad. If anyone has any interest in this car please let me know. This would be a great car to get into HC with, most of the work is done for you. I'm open to offers! Come check it out, you won't be disappointed!

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I've reluctantly lowered the asking price for my civic, making a great deal even better!


If she doesn't sell for what I'm asking I may consider parting it out if there is enough interest.

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