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Updated B-Willow. Tim, Pete, Mike, + NorCal Ken

Tim Comeau

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Let's see who's going. I MAY be attending the 3-hour NASA race at Thunderhill.....


If you know anybody who wants to race with us for the 2005 season, bring them with you. We have several drivers with great experience who just need to transition over to a NASA racing license. Carl McGuinn puts on a great racing school. I've spoken with him at length, sat in on his classroom sessions, and watched his exercises on the track. Really good stuff.


The Homeland Inn offers every 5th night free. I've already used this once this season. My hotel bill for the weekend was only $28! Yeah, Baby, Yeah!


I case you didn't know, there's a pro shop near the entrance of Buttonwillow raceway. You can also buy gas at the track 24 hours a day with a credit card. They have a tire shop (which also sells ice) and they are a TOYO Motorsports dealer.


1. Comeau

2. Yousko

3. Michael Weitze

4. Ken Huey

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The question is: Do I have to have two seats in the car I use in the clinic.....


No. You drive solo. The instructors drive their own cars around you and watch from the sidelines also. But no, you don't need a passenger seat in your car. I've got one you could take if you wanted though, a stock seat.



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I am planning on racing that weekend!


c'mon guys....you don't want to wait until next year do you?











let' finish the season up strong....I don't want to run alone!

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Jason asked me to inform you guys he will NOT be able to make this race, even though he had already registered. Recent events means he cannot make this weekend.

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