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New program to provide thousands of jobs across the country


RICHMOND, VA July 2, 2003


Team Elam announced that they will compete for the remainder of the 2003 NASA Pro Racing Series with a new program to provide jobs for people with disabilities around the country. The familiar #66 Factory Five Racing spec racer will include graphics and promotional materials for Federal Document Services (FedDS). FedDS is a new program with NISH (formerly the National Industries for the Severely Handicapped) and the National Industries for the Blind (NIB). FedDS works with not-for-profit agencies around the country to secure federal contracts. “Unemployment rates for people with disabilities are among the highest in the nation,” said Dan Elam, one of the drivers. “This program makes use of special federal contracting regulations to help provide jobs and secure long term economic success for people.”




FedDS provides works with organizations such as the Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation (Kansas City), Service Source (Alexandria, VA), Pride Industries (Sacramento, CA) and Goodwill organizations across the country. The Factory Five Racing car will include graphics from various not-for-profit organizations who participate in the FedDS program. “The FedDS program is unique within the federal government,” says Elam. “Our goal is provide employment opportunities for thousands of people over the next few years and become the dominant supplier of these services to the federal government. The program, which does not use federal grants or donations, can save taxpayers significant amounts of money by helping people find jobs. Most importantly, these are high quality jobs that can prepare people with disabilities to enter the mainstream job market.”


FedDS provides world-class document-related services to federal and commercial customers in the areas of mailroom services, data entry, scanning, document conversion, and records management. The program operates under the billion dollar Javits Wagner O’Day (JWOD) program designed to coordinate federal agencies to contract opportunities for people with disabilities. More information can be found at http://www.FedDS.org


The Factory Five Racing (http://www.FactoryFive.com) spec racer is driven by Harry and Dan Elam. Team Elam competes in various race circuits across the country including NASA (http://www.NASAProRacing.com) and SCCA (http://www.SCCA.org).


For more information, contact Dan Elam, 804-342-7400.

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