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Stevie Rea takes Sunday top honors!


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I don't want to take credit, but I would like to think my coaching helped out some? I gave Steve some small pointers Sat night, not on line, but on techinique. I'd love to think that helped Steve de-thrown Track Record Timmee on Sunday at the Streets of Willow.


TRT (a.k.a. Track Record Timmee) took honors on Sat by 3/100ths over the always fast Chris Benbow. We thought Mr. Benbow had it done on Saturday and 3/100ths is a bee's sneeze deficit. I feel for Benbow, with such a small margin. But then Sunday and Mr. Rea took it by over a tenth and then I understand Mr. Addy was only another tenth or so behind TRT. That's a quick study right there by Mr. Addy. Crap, there's just no margin for error anymore!


You know, Wilberding was fast too and then I gave him some turn 9 pointers, now he beats me. Maybe I need to stop giving out pointers?



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Everyone was beginning to really smoke out there. Bill went very fast for his first time at the track while still so new to the car, but also Mike Liera, Bill (Ridino, I believe) and Sean Steele greatly improved throughout the weekend. I remember looking out and seeing them flying through some sections, with Mike pulling out a 1:18:xx.


It's too bad Mark got sidelined early and Chris had steering rack problems. He was one of the fast rabbits we were chasing all weekend, and we were counting on him to earn us some free beer.


Actually P.Dilly's advice did help, as did driving on the track and talking with Eric. It was so cool to see where on the track Eric was killing me and where I could slightly pull away from him. I just tried to drive as fast as he did in those sections.


In the arena of wheel-to-wheel racing, I'm looking forward to learning a lot from the experienced guys, as traffic management seems like it'll be my biggest weakness and one of the most important factors in winning.


Thanks a lot guys!! A really great weekend all around!



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Great Job Steve!!!

I'm kind of surprized that you guys were able to get some faster times later in the day with the rain and all. When did you post your fastest?

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Thanks Chris. While there was drizzle in the 3rd session, in the last session it was totally dry. I was really focussing and trying to do all the things I learned from Eric and Dylan, and was lucky enough to get some good laps off early in the session. Towards the end, I felt my focus lessening and the back end coming around a lot more, so I simply pulled in early. I wanted to save my tires and car for the Race Clinic in Buttonwillow Dec 4-5.


Luckily, one of those laps happened to be the fastest of the group, although it was only one lap. The next best I had was 1:17:3x, which would have put me in third place, Tim on top and Bill a close second. Got lucky this time!



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Hey time trial is fun and stuff, but racing is what it is all about. One fast lap gets you ... well if well timed at best pole position and maybe a track record. It takes a lot of fast laps and racing smarts to win.


I have noticed in a few of the Az guys. Being fast for one lap based on autocross experience. Great to be able to do, but you are not complete unitl you can do two more things. Cut lots of fast laps over and over again for 30, 40 or more minutes. Second to learn to drive with traffic, both traffic that you are racing with and slower/faster cars that you must find you way around.



Of course being slow, good in traffic and consistant gets you a nice finish at the back of the back. Being fast for only lap gets you nice finish at the back of the pack, being fast, consistant, but bad in traffic gets you mid pack finish. Winning takes all 3.

Good things is that being "up to speed" is really first thing. You need to then focus on consistancy. Once you have those down you need to learn to run in traffic and that really only happens in proper racing enviroment.


When I first started racing 944-spec, I found I was up to speed and I was reasonably consistant. I had learn this through DE and autocross. What I was NOT good at was racing. I got schooled in my first race with Joe Stubblefield at PIR in May of 2002. I was a bit faster on track. I was also faster over long runs, but he took me at the start of race and never let me pass... Well I learned alot about how much I still had to learn about racing. At that time I knew 1 pass move. Well Joe took that away from me lap after lap and I was left with nothing. Game over and Joe took the win.


Now a couple years later I have few more moves in my bag that I developed over the past races. I learned alot simply from racing guys close and hard and it has been a blast.

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Great points Mr. Pulach. I have yet to master the "other classes" traffic. Qualifying on pole for both of the last races, getting out front and being clear in both races. But getting hosed with the faster classes coming through on Saturday. Or not being aggressive enough with blocking of another class car with same overall lap time but slower in our critical momentum sections of the track. It's exactly as you say, learning to deal with traffic. I just don't have it down to hold passes off until the least disruptive time for me. But as you say, we will learn.


And yes, fun it is!



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Hey, you buttheads! It's a good thing I love you knuckleheads!

(Dilly, It's de-throne, not de-thrown.)

It may interest you to know that I was selected and have been busy in Los Angeles instructing the lovely women of the WTA(Women's Tennis Association). Porsche (PCNA) sponsors their series and there was a promo autocross with Cayennes at the Staple's Center in L.A. I think there were 8-10 of the best women players in the world. Venus and Serena Williams were there.

I worked with a nice french player named Amali. Frickin' Dave Marguglio begged and got to work with Sharapova. I saw that name on the program and thought it was some vodka sponsor or something.......

Anyway, it was fun and my student got top time of day. So there.

I only have to be IN the car for it to get a track record!


The STS event at Streets was great and we got some more drivers interested in 944 racing. Tom Paule(Nissan Sentra SE-R) from NASA stopped by. We had quite the setup of 944's. 10-12 in a row. Saturday, I took the win and a track record by only 3/100ths over Benbow. We had a great cookout with a keg of Sam Adams provided by Steve Rea. He has a ton of track time there with his super charged Miata.


On Sunday, I had the fastest time until the end of the day when Steve posted a great time of 1:16.99 to my 1:17.12.

It was nice to NOT win for once. I'm getting so tired of taking that looong walk up to the front of the crowd to get my first place award......

But, congrats to Steve for the win. Thanks for the good competition. And a big congrats to Bill Addy for turning a very quick 1:17.22? lap. Chris, Steve and Bill all drove really well and I look forward to some great racing in 2005. Good job, you guys.

We really did the class proud...........

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Also, Norik and Dennis showed up, but no 944! Trailer and truck problems. Mike Wietze couldn't get his 944 ready in time so he drove his BMW.


We had:

Mike Liera

Mark Foley

Chris Benbow

Tim Comeau

Sean Steele

Eric Sorensen

David Hirsch

Steve Rea

Bill Ridino?

Jay (Topley)?

Tom Spargo

Bill Addy

There were other 944's and 924S's hanging with us too. Neal had his red turbo there.

Fun crowd......

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congrats Steve....good work!


dilly did help me pick up a lot of time at WSIR, but as said here earlier the racing is where it really is!


wish I could make it this weekend and run with you guys.


guess I will have to wait until next year

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Steve, great driving. What a fun weekend playing in sandbox with all you guys. Beside learning a new track, my goal was to earn a spot in the same run group as you...I think I accomplished that.


Although TT & STS are not the same as compettition, I am ready for the challenge.


To everyone in the group that showed such hospitality, I want to thank you. Also to those in POC, what a fun group of people.


I am planning to run at BW w/POC in Dec.

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