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boost controller?


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The stock system spikes as much as 5 psi due to exhaust mods. I installed a boost controller to keep the boost down since my fuel system is stock.


I don't know what's to prevent me from turning it up on the track, besides my engine blowing up. That's why I'm asking.

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I think that Jim has the right idea on this one. How could we possibly try to enforce the rules if every turbo car with a boost controller was only assessed points if the driver said that they actually use it to increase boost? Even if you didn't increase the boost as you're saying, don't you think that other drivers would say the same thing as you when they see that you have a boost controller, yet no points for it? I don't have any way of measuring a car's boost everytime it goes on the track. We do run on the honor system for the most part, but it is this type of issue that leads to suspicion and behind the back whispers (especially if you are doing well). Most stock turbo cars are programmed to run rich enough for some increase in boost without a change in the fuel system...especially if one decides to use 100 octane fuel. If you need a boost controller for whatever reason, it will get assessed points. Whether you use it to it's full benefit or not is up to you, sorry. One of the ways to try to keep TT running smoothly is to keep the rules as simple as possible, even if they don't address every single exception.

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Different cars also come with different size turbos. For example on 1st gen DSMs raising the boost on the 14b will do something, but on 2nd gen DSMs raising the boost on the T25 won't accomplish anything because it's too small to begin with.


What happens if someone puts on a 2.5" downpipe and someone else puts on a 3.5" downpipe?


The rules should be more logical like x amount of boost equals y points, j degrees of camber equals k points, a exhasut diameter equals b points, etc.

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