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2009 25 Hour Race Solidifies TV Package!


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Thought I would post this here don't know how many of you guys noticed it.




Richmond, CA (04/03/2009) The Northern California office announced today that there will be significant television coverage for the 2009 25 Hours of Thunderhill. Airtime will be purchased on the Versus Channel (formerly Outdoor Life), to air sometime...


...in early 2010. The show will be at least a one-hour production and focus on the action in the race, as well as feature select race teams.


“The plan is to spread coverage around so that each team will get something,” said Event Director, Jerry Kunzman. “However, we will have interviews and stories with several feature teams. This will give the production some life to it, and make it more like reality TV.”


There are currently two slots still open to become a featured team. NASA is looking for interesting stories to cover, as well as for a team that is willing to help with a little funding to offset production costs. “If no teams come forward with offers to help fund the production costs, the show will be subsidized from the event’s budget,” said Kunzman. “This gives assurances to all the teams, the production and airing will go on as planned, no matter what. With this in mind, private teams should be able to more easily obtain sponsorship for the 2009 25 Hours of Thunderhill.”


Teams interested in being a featured team on the TV show, should send their team information to [email protected]. Incomplete and/ or informal proposals will be accepted at this point.


For more information email Jerry Kunzman at [email protected] or call 510-232-6272

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