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FS - 944 Spec Nationals Championship Car


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Due to personal circumstances, I have to sell my 944Spec car. I recently purchased it from Eric - it was the car he won Nationals in last year.





1988 car. Includes short 5th gear. Everything in it mechanically was new/redone 2007. It had a new motor, new clutch, new Tarret antisway bars, custom weld in cage, newly rebuilt trans with low -mileage LSD, new paint in 2008. It also has custom Delrin bushings all around that were turned on a lathe by VFC. It also has a custom aluminum dash. It weighs 2570 with me in it, low on fuel (it's light). Ballast as you need to with fuel. New clutch and torque tube being installed right now. Includes 3 sets of wheels and R888 tires - one set just used one rain day, other set has about 4 heat cycles, last set is full tread but sat in garage below freezing so recommend they be replaced. Also includes full set of replacement rotors and pads. Also a wired in transponder. Cool shirt is wired in, though I have listed that for sale separately.


Will include a basic but functional open trailer with removable fenders (with new ramps, new storage box, new bearings and good rubber).


Open to offers. Paid $13.8, plus seat/wheel/harness. Plus trailer and spares, etc. But very open to offers. I'm in ND, car is currently in IL. I can deliver it anywhere.

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Great car - Pro-built & fully delveloped, and all NEW!


I had planned on keeping it, and building my current car to sell, but Rob wanted a fully sorted car, so I sold him this one, and built the new one for myself. This car has better equipment (Tarret bars, more custom Delrin bushings), than my current car. Buy it and drive to win from day #1. No upcoming maintenance, or questionable parts. You will not find a more developed or complete 944 Spec car.


This car has had everyting done, and everything is fresh in the last year - motor, trans clutch and torque tube all have less than 1/2 season since being replaced or gone through. Even the paint was done late last year!


It took a while to sort this car out, but it is now done - not only turn-key, but good for a couple of years maintenance-wise. Don't underestimate the cost savings this represents!


Pic from Road America:



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Car is sold - bought it and won twice this weekend


I know Nick Miller of Bennington Motorsports is building 944 Spec cars, and has one near completion. http://www.BENMS.com" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;


Trailer is still FS, I know.

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Man, ZR1Bob, MiataBob, now PorscheBob?? Buy it and give Graber and Mason a smackdown.


This may be the plan, but we'll have to see if it works out. I still miss the ZR-1. I think selling that car will leave me scared for life!!!

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