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OG Racing offers Program to Racers that need it!

Jeremy C.

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April 23, 2009 4:02 PM — The National Auto Sport Association (NASA) is pleased to announce that OG Racing, NASA's official Motorsports Safety Equipment Supplier, will offer a very generous program to NASA competitors in 2009. Anyone unfortunate enough to incur damage to their competition vehicle during a NASA event in 2009 which renders their current competition seat of any brand unfit for use will be eligible to purchase a new Sparco seat from OG Racing at the substantially reduced price of 50% off the retail price. If you are not local, shipping will be the only additional cost.

"We have been trying to come up with a program to help out NASA competitors since signing on as NASA's Official Motorsports Safety Equipment Supplier that could be a substantial offer to NASA competitors," said OG Racing president, Bill Love. "With this program, we are making no money and actually losing a little in the process, but we feel this will provide a fantastic opportunity for racers to replace a key safety component of the vehicle after an unfortunate incident. Many people don't realize that after a serious accident, the competition seat and belts should be thrown away and never reused. It can be very dangerous to reuse those items. We hope by offering this program, NASA competitors will take advantage of the program and purchase a new seat at the substantially reduced price (preferably a full containment version because they are safer) instead of reusing the potentially damaged one they currently have. We hope that NASA competitors see this for what it is as a very generous offer of savings when you will truly need it."


To take part in this program, you'll just need to fill out the claim form and get it signed by your regional director. Then you can send the form on to OG Racing by mail or fax and purchase your new seat at 50% off the retail price.


OG Racing was founded in 1990 with the intent of "Making Racers Safer" and they plan to continue with that tradition through this agreement. OG Racing specializes in automotive racing safety equipment and is a distributor for most of the major companies in the safety equipment world like Sparco, Simpson, Bell, Hans, G_Force, Alpinestars, Racetech, ATL, and many others. They offer an extensive inventory that allows them to ship 98% of their orders the same day they are placed.



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