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Hallett, June 13-14 Roll Call!!!


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Thanks for the tire info. I really hope we get some good data posted up next week on the tire issue. I know it's a bit of a dead horse (perhaps not, depending on what happens next season), but for those of us "mid-packers" (ok, fine, back-packers, in my case) struggling to get up to speed on the 8's, it will be really interesting and helpfull to see how the fast guys run on the new tire. It will also be interesting to see how many of the fast guys don't even bother running them.....


Y'all have a great time this weekend! (said in my best Midwest fake Texan accent)....


Sidney, you burn up those RA's so you gotta run the 8's when you get "home".



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Oh Yeah....the AI/CMC Summer Shootout really proved to be a Technical Training ground for this year's Nationals. With that big of a field, those Texas & Rocky Mountain are ready for the competition.


Photos posted here:

http://www.nasatxracing.com/gallery/main.php?cmd=album&var1=Hallett+2009/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;"




No love for Green GTS VWs?


Very nice photography!

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