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'86 Camaro CMC Car


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’86 Camaro CMC Racer. Time to move on. My wife says I can’t get a new toy until I do something with this one. And she is right. I don’t have the time to have a dedicated racecar so I’m going back to a street and track car for a couple more years.


I bought the car a couple of years ago and have run it in a few HPDE events. The car has a logbook and was “race ready” when I bought it. I don’t want to mislead anybody though. I don’t consider it truly race ready, but it is close. The basics are as follows:

· Rebuilt motor running spec carb, cam and manifold. Seems to run pretty well but would probably benefit from some tuning.

· Interior has been gutted, including windows, heater, excess wires removed, etc.

· Rollcage installed.

· Good paint in and out and body in great condition for a racecar. Not going to win any concourses though.

· 4 wheel discs brakes.

· Eibach springs all around.


Things it needs to be race ready include safety equipment like race seat and new harness. The belts in it now are in good condition but at least 4-5 years old. It has a Griffin radiator with a very small pinhole in it. I’m not sure if it is fixable or needs to be replaced. It has BFGs on it now so will need Toyos to be legal. I think the car is a great starting point and could be race ready for very little additional money. From there you can start a build up to suit your needs and budget.


You can email me with any questions. I’m asking $2800 for the car, but would be interested in trades for dirt bike or street car.


Thanks and good luck to all the racers. I hope to be back sometime to really race.



[email protected]

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