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Who will be at Willow Springs on May 23/24


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Foxx, Buzzetti, Richmond are all registered and they should put on a great show at the front of the pack. Tom Atteberry is excited to be a part of the 944 Spec racing again and he'll be renting CRE #007, which means I'm sitting out. I've gotta get a cage installed in another 944 so I can go racing too!

John Niedernhofer will be attending the Driving Concepts racing school in his new 944 Spec racer.

Hohler might make it for one day.

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That is only 4 for our class and 2 of the 4 are NASA wantabe's from POC. What gives with you NASA racers.




We need, at least, one more guy for each day.


Big Dog

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Maybe Chris Allen?

Von Mende?

I know that Peter Latteier went thru the last racing school, but I'm not sure if he got approved for a NASA provisionary?

I don't want any fewer cars than last time so make some phone calls and emails you guys! It's your class. Help grow it.

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I have to work Saturday the 23rd. Unfourtunately I have to work every third Saturday and that happens to be mine! I will try for Sunday .

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