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So I picked up a couple of swaybars at the garage Sale in Sac today. 1 I can Identify - it's a 26.8mm from an S2 or 968. The other (which I thought was a Weltmiester) is baffling me. It measures out at 25mm


I've put a few pictures up to show it. The first is with the S2 bar to compare size and shape:



The next ones are of the various sections









Anyone got any ideas ? (Oh and if anyone has pics of the hardware where the Weltmiester bars attach to the frame and the Control arm on an early car I'd like to see them)

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It sure looks to me like a welt bar. Looks like the rear welt bar. I dont have any pictures of the hardware for mounting the welt bars. I run tarret bars on my car. But I am sure someone will have them or you could always visit their site.

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The bar itself looks like a rear Welmeister (bushings look like rears inp articular), but the end-links are different (maybe an older style?).

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that is a weltbar, but either a very old version or not a 944 one.


Here are some shots of my front welt bar installed.






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Thanks guys - just what I was afraid of - an unknown application bar !


I'll plan to go with the 26.8 in the front and a 19mm in the rear



Joe - Those pics were exactly what I needed to see how the arms mount, Thank you.

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