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new guy here with a mustang. got a few ??'s.

AJ Hartman

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whats up everyone. im new to this site. I have about 10 track days/HPDE's with a couple different clubs. i live in jersey and NJMP is about an hour from my house. im doing an HPDE with NASA PDA on June 19th. I'll be in the HPDE3 group. here are my questions:


1. Do i have to ask, or can i ask, to be moved up to HPDE 4?

2. How many HPDE 4's do i have to do before i can ask to run TT's?

3. Do i need a cage, or roll bar in my car to run TT? (car is a hard top)

4. Is there an archive of all times from all tracks (including previous years)? I have a performance box from race logic and want to see how my times compare.


I read the entire rule book and added up all the points and figured out my car is borderline TTC/TTD. i cant wait to actually be racing for something, rather then just going around a track. I want to build my car to be competitive in the TTC class to start.

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My replies are NASA-FL specific, as that's the group I run with. It may be best for you to ask the head of your NASA region.


1. Yes, you can request a check ride into HPDE-4. The worst that can happen is that you don't pass. Ask early in the weekend, since spaces will be limited. Study the HPDE section of the CCR, as there will be a written test.


2. 2 full days of HPDE-4 before going into TT here, but H4 and TT are on track at the same time (this is not the case in other regions). I don't make the rules.


3. No. I don't have one in my car, but I'm looking into getting one soon. Every lap is treated like a qualifying lap, so many drivers are driving pretty hard.


4. Go to nasa-tt.com and poke around in the results and records sections for your region.


So, is your car borderline TTC or borderline TTD? If you just want somewhere to start, then it will be cheaper for now to keep it as a maxed-out TTD car. You will have time to grow into TTC.


I'm building mine for TT while keeping the strong possibility of running CMC in mind, so modifying my car to be a competitive TTC car means I'll have to backtrack and remove many parts to be CMC-legal.



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When in doubt, read the CCR's. They are available on NASAPRORACING.com TT is an extension of HPDE


Results/lap times can be found on NASA-TT.com

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my car rite now is pretty much a maxed out TTD car. it actually makes it into TTC rite now but only by a few points that i can undo.


i tried poking around the site for track records but i cant find lap times from last year or any records or anything like that. all they have in the NE section is times from a TT at Pocono North course.


i read the CCR's pretty thoroughly, but as we all know, there are grey areas that can be interperted differently.

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Wow...NE's most recent results on the NASA-TT site are from August 2006, and the records section is blank.


Try looking around in the NE forum here; maybe they just post results as a thread instead.



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