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Canopy Suggestions


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I'm looking for an affordable canopy for my ST2 car to use at NASA events. I'd like something that can be setup easily with 2 people. Needs to be big enough to park the car under it.


Anybody have suggestions?



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Something like this works great:




Or you could do a pair of 10x10' canopies side by side (i.e. middle four poles strapped together), which would be cheaper and marginally easier to transport, for instance:




Or for $50 less each:




This time of year you should certainly be able to find something similar at Walmart, Costco, etc. I have seen ones like that third link above as cheap as $70ea.


Hope it helps,



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Don't know what affordable means to you, nor how big you really want it.


A 10x10 will cover the car, but nothing else. Caravan makes an excellent product. Available at Costco.


There are definitely options at lower cost, but they come with a loss of quality as well.

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