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Buy the NASA 2008 ST1 National Championship winning Corvette


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Price reduced! $55,000. Get it before someone else does.


We at Pfadt are getting motivated to move our C5 to a new deserving owner. The car is well sorted and fast. It is the perfect car to take to NASA Nationals this year and put yourself on the podium. The car is purpose built for ST-1 and TTU. Of course you can race it with SCCA or NARRA or just about any other sanctioning body also.




We have a slate of new projects that we are working on and the C5 needs to go to make room. It is certainly a mixed bag for us putting it for sale. I know that I could drive it at Nationals this year at Miller and put it on the podium again, but as it the way with these things, you can not have it all.


Here is some video from 2 weeks ago at the Miller MPRA race here in Utah. This is on Miller East Track and I am battling with a Porsche 997 GT3 Cup car (not just any car, but the car and driver that won the Patron GT3 Cup series last year and took second in the season opener at Sebring). Melanie eventually got by me, but I was able to put up a pretty good fight for a few laps. The Pfadt C5 is dialed in.



The full listing is in the Blog on our website. This has all of the relevant information on the car.




More pictures of the car can be found here:





The wheels that come with the car are C5Z wheels (12" rears and 10.5" fronts) equipped with Hoosier R6s.


The nose on the car is brand new and I just installed a pair of new front fenders in the correct pewter color. I have not done any of the bodywork on the car (there are a couple of small scrapes on the doors that need paint and the front fenders need graphics). The front clip will be completely back to pre-race condition. If you are going to change colors or graphics, I can leave the paint work undone and discount accordingly.


The spares that come with the car are as follows:

Clean spare oil cooler

Spare pair of C5Z wheels

All endurance lighting


misc wheel bearings

spare belts and hoses

spare radiator

spare carbon hood

misc engine sensors

spare MSD computer

spare Pfadt rear swaybar (in higher rate)

there are probably other things that I am not thinking of right now


Spares available at additional cost:

Differential with Quaife and 4.10s

RPM transmission (MN6 also) built with G-Force 5th and 6th

Fresh 434 ci short block, Darton sleeves, Callies crank etc...

Set of 4 C5Z wheels with Hoosier Rains


We are asking $55,000. As you probably know, this is a fraction of what it costs to build a competitive car like this. If you are interested in the car, give us a ring and we can discuss details. The car is available to drive at Miller anytime. We can arrange track time to suit your needs.


Thanks for looking.

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