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Complete ST1 RX7 part-out, AIM, Haltech, CCW, etc


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I'm somewhat pained to have to do this, but the time has come. I simply don't have the time for this car anymore. Anyone who has followed this build knows that this car has been a few years in the making with not much expense spared. It's pretty much a fresh coat of paint away from being a stunning car. As the car sits now it is ready to go, I ran a 1:54.xxx at Buttonwillow on basically my first time out with the car and shocks all full-soft. Total weight is 2325lbs wet minus driver. Last dyno was 410rwhp @ 10psi, will easily crack 500rwhp if needed (it's not).


If someone wants to give me $20k for the whole thing they can have it, otherwise I am parting it out as follows. I will break up the roller if enough of the big parts get good offers. Pics of everything are available on request, please don't waste my time if you have no intention of buying. This is all top notch stuff that has barely seen the light of day. Some pics are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8049517@N02/




Here goes....


Rolling chassis ($10000) - 14 point welded EP/SCCA-legal cage, RX-Heven super-wide bodykit (you can fit 12" front and 14" rear wheels with this), Sexy-style fiberglass vented hood, genuine RE-Amemiya GT fiberglass wing, lexan windshield, Brembo front brakes with new Hawk blue pads (from the Evo), modified front spindles, custom braided brake lines, AWR needle bearing front control arms, AWR spherical bearing rear, AWR adjustable rear camber links, AWR rear toe adjusters, delrin subframe mounts, V-mount intercooler and AFCO radiator with sheetmetal ducting, dual Earls oil coolers and -10 braided hose, all wiring including switch panel, stock T2 LSD, S5 taillights. Will include 2-chamber 3-nozzle fire system.


Wheels + tires ($2200) - CCW classics 18x11" (5.5" backspacing) front and 18x12" (6" backspacing) rear. Front tires are Hoosier A6 315/30/18 about 70% life, rear are Hoosier R6 335/30/18 about 80% life.


Engine ($3500) - Fresh fully bridgeported 13B-RE, new Mazda 3mm seals, competition oil pressure regulator, race bearings, FD stationary gears. Dyno time + one track day only, rebuilt by Lucky 7 racing in Duarte, CA. Brand new S4 waterpump housing and waterpump, new belts, S5 alternator, intake manifolds, new Denso Iridium plugs (these are $40ea!), LS2 coils mounted under intake manifold, 8.5mm plug wires, ACT 4 puck clutch, ACT Extreme pressure plate, ACT Superlite flywheel. Will throw in FC mounts as well. Have a couple of transmissions to choose from. Front cover and oil filler neck are tapped/welded with -10 fittings for blow-by to a catch can. Elbow has Greddy BOV flange welded, will throw in the Type-S BOV for an extra $100.


Turbo kit ($2500) - A-Spec GT35R T4 1.06 A/R, HKS FD cast manifold, 2 eBay HKS knock-off wastegates modified with genuine HKS diaphragm and 14.2psi springs, oil and water fittings, oil and water braided line (fits perfectly on Cosmo engine), FC metal exhaust gasket.


Fuel system ($550) - KG parts rails, 850 cc primaries and 1600cc secondaries, Aeromotive A1000 FPR, Y-block and lots of -8 braided line and fittings for full parallel fuel system, Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump, Aeromotive 100 micron fuel filter.


Dash ($1650) - AIM MXL Pista including wiring harness, 2 MSI pressure sensors ($150/ea new), 3 temp sensors, lap timer receiver/beacon, wheel speed sensor, USB cable.


ECU ($1100) - Haltech E8, flying lead harness terminated for usual rotary setup using GM air and water temp sensors, cosmo TPS and bosch-style fuel injectors.


Suspension ($2800) - Koni double-adjustable 8611 race series front inserts, AWR strut tubes, Mazdaspeed needle-bearing camber plates, Koni sport series rears modified for double-adjustability and re-valved for spring rates, solid top mount, about 20 different springs (currently 600lb front and 400lb rears).


Seat ($450) - Cobra Suzuka kevlar, blue, includes Cobra sidemounts


Fuel cell ($500) - ATL 15 gallon cell, Fuel safe -10 surge tank, new foam, modified top-plate for -10 feed and -8 return...you can get down to under a gallon without any starvation on this setup.


I'm sure there are alot more parts that I've forgotten about, and I have a ton of spares that I will get around to selling once the big stuff is gone.

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