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GTS-U Allowing Out-Of-Marquee Engine Swaps


Allow out-of-marquee engine swaps in GTS-U  

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  1. 1. Allow out-of-marquee engine swaps in GTS-U

    • Sure, it's a catch-all class as it is
    • No Frankenstein cars in our series
    • Who cares, open it up for all classes

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Currently, the GTS rules state:


All GTS cars must use an engine originally built by the manufacturer of the car’s chassis (i.e. any Porsche may use any Porsche engine). Swapping engines between different chassis made by the same manufacturer is allowed, but swapping engines of different marques into different chassis is specifically not allowed.


How do you all feel about allowing these types of swaps only in GTS-U?

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Ok with me.


Hmm, Audi A4, with VW 24v VR6, turbo. Hmm...



I have to amend my vote to no. I was thinking out-of-marquee, but still German. If this is open to all marquees, I am against it. GTSU is a catch all, but it G in GTS still means German, and the motor is the heart of the car, and should be German.

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I think this will open up a can of worms. If you allow it in GTS-U, then why not all classes. If so, I'll stuff an LS2 in my car for next year and run GTS4.

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