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350Z go-fast parts for sale


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Hi Folks,


I am taking my Z back full stock, removing all the go-fast parts, and gonna buy a real race car and just drive the Z on the street.


All prices listed include paypal fees BUT EXCLUDE shipping from 30215. (Atlanta)

Everything listed here was used on a track car unless stated otherwise..so some scratches/dirt/etc are likely to appear on all items...this was not a "trailer queen"...



****List updated 5/22*****




$1000 4x 5Zigen FNO1R-C, bronze 17x10 ET 25 - good shape, some minor surface scratches, mounted with 275-40-17 Toyo RA-1, they are worn, but have some more track days left in them..NEW PRICE


$25 4x Aluminum hub rings for the 5Zigen FNO1R-C wheels


$175 ea 2x new 275-40-17 Toyo RA-1 never mounted


$175ea 4x new 275-40-17 Toyo RA-1 but mounted but NEVER on the ground


$160 ea 2x used 275-40-17 Toyo RA-1 (like new, only one HPDE session)




$125 1 set of Carbotech XP10 Front pads - used one track day, plenty of pad left - NEW PRICE


$135 1 set of Carbotech XP12 Front pads - used one track day, plenty of pad left - NEW PRICE


$75 Girodisc Titanium brake pad backing plates – front only - - NEW PRICE




$375 SPL Front camber arms (2) Street Version 1 - NEW PRICE


$175 SPL Rear camber arms (2) - NEW PRICE


$20 SPC rear toe bolts (2) NEW


$400 Hotchkis TVS-1 kit, springs and sway bars and mounting hardware - NEW PRICE





$250 Ultra Shield Aluminum Spec Miata racing seat 16wide, tall shoulder belt holes for HANS device fitment


$100 Sparco driver side seat bracket


$50 Sparco dual locking sliders


$375 Sparco harness bar – silver


$75 Seat brace for Ultra Shield race seat - modified for use with the 350Z w/Sparco harness bar


$75 UltraShield 5-point racing harness - wide and long

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I will take some better shots now that it is removed from the car. I will have them up by Friday...thnx for lookin!

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Hey, this is a 16" seat..my error.


But here are more pictures than you can stand of the seat and hardware





seat with erection











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Thanks for the pics. Looks like a very nice seat. I think 16" is going to be just a tad too narrow for my butt with the padding in place on this seat. I need at least a 17."


Good luck with the sale!

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Hey Folks...the seat is no longer for sale..same for the SPL camber arms.


But I will make somebody a good deal on the 275-40-17 RA1s


Also I am looking for 225-50-15 R888 or RA1s, or even Ho-Hos..new or used.


Trades welcome!

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