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Gear needed for NASA racing? Specifically ST2.


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To date I've only run HPDEs wearing a helmet and racing shoes with jeans and a long sleeved shirt. It's time to buy a racing suit etc.


Any specific SFI ratings needed?


2 piece vs. 1 piece? I'm leaning toward 2 piece for the hot months


Gloves/shoes etc? I allready have g-force mid-top shoes and g-force gloves, but I'm not sure they're fire retardant.


My helmet is a G-force hybrid SA2005 setup for HANS.


I know I need to purchae a HANS finally.


Thanks for any info,


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Ok.... can I request a vehicle inspection at a NASA HPDE just to see what all I'll need to update on the car to attent SuperComp School?


Looks like I may need a new fuel cell bladder, new window net, and a right side head net etc. It'd be great to go through car tech and get a specific list.

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What region are you in? I'm sure it would be fine to contact the regional Tech Inspector and set up an appointment to review your car. It could be at the track, depending on how busy tech is during an event.

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While it might be desirable to have someone tell you exactly what is needed, there is value in reading the rules and getting as close as you can before your inspection. There are many folks, both on this forum and elsewhere, that would help you get your car ready. If you want to get your car looked at during an HDPE, I suggest making a list of all of the mods you think you will need and presenting the list and your vehicle to a tech official. It would be a good exercise for you.

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