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New Hoosier 2 seconds faster per lap !!!!


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Race Hoosier slick , made in USA :



"In an effort to offer our valued customers more tire size options, Hoosier Tire will be introducing four new R100 radial slick sizes for racers competing in GT classes. A new R80 compound will be offered as well in a few sizes when used primarily on the front end of the race car. Extensive testing has proven these radial slicks to perform with the best in class. Every aspect of vehicle dynamics, grip, turn in, steering feedback and quicker lap times, will be enhanced by using these radial slicks."



43825 250/650R18 R80

43835 265/645R18 R80, R100

43840 280/680R18 R100

43855 285/645R18 R80, R100

43865 305/645R18 R80, R100

43870 320/650R18 R100

43875 315/690R18 R100

43890 310/710R18 R100





Lee 773-885-5878

[email protected]


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what do you have that will fit a 18x8 and a 18x8.5 rim?


recomm. rim


43825 250/650R18 8-9.5" R80


43835 265/645R18 10" R80, R100


43840 280/680R18 9-11" R100


43855 285/645R18 10-12" R80, R100


43865 305/645R18 11-13" R80, R100


43870 320/650R18 11-12" R100


43875 315/690R18 11-12" R100


43890 310/710R18 10-12" R100

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Are they making any other sizes (15 in?) and how do they compare to the R45 compound?



18" only

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