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Pueblo - May Event


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Can't wait to read the event report for this past weekend.


Wicked quick GTS5 Porches. A huge influx of E36 M3's. Clean driving, lots of food/drink, plenty of smiles.


The "slowest" car in the field sits on pole for Sunday's main race.....

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(Stolen from Ian's email)


What a great weekend Pueblo was. Saturday we had 14 GTS cars take the green flage for the mian race, and Sunday we had 17! On the weekend, GTS drivers were eligible to win:


15 Hoosier tires

$725 worth of Hawk bucks

$75 Visa card from Exedy (congrats to Rob Bernard!)


All classes except GTS-U were represented, with fierce and close competition in all. Dan Allen took GTS-5 wins both days, switching between cars. Likewise, Alexandra Sabados took the GTS-4 top podium spot on both Saturday and Sunday. In GTS-3, Doug Grande, making an outside pass in turn 1 on then leader yours truly (we were side-by-side until turn 4), claimed 1st place on Saturday (my in-car video of the pass can be seen here: http://www.wasabiraceteam.com/video/5-16-09SaturdayMainDougsPass.ASF). Michael Martin handily walked away with the GTS-3 victory on Sunday. GTS-2 victories were split on the weekend between James Leithauser on Saturday, and Dan Goodman on Sunday. Rob Bernard, winner of the Exedy 3-Pucks of Luck $75 gift card giveway, took victories both days.


Special mention goes to Tommy Boileau, 15 years old, taking second in GTS-2 on Sunday driving Jim Leithauser's car!!


Sunday's main race start provided the greatest excitement on the weekend as a result of the nearly inverted grid based on the finish of the Sunday Chase race, in which John Clark earned his first victory of the season and pole position for the main race. With the fastest cars stacked in the rear of the pack, there was a lot of position challenges going into turn 1 (Mike Quigley has to get the award for hard charger, as he came from last position (DFL as he called it ) to nearly the front of the pack at the end of the front straight! My in-car of the start can be seen here: http://www.wasabiraceteam.com/video/5-17-09SundayMainStart.ASF. Official final results for the main races can be found here:


Saturday: http://www.mylaps.com/results/showrun.jsp?id=1138460&perclass=1

Sunday: http://www.mylaps.com/results/showrun.jsp?id=1138463&perclass=1


It was a weekend of great, CLEAN, racing! Top it all off with great BBQ on both Friday and Saturday night with great friends, and I can't imagine any better way to spend a weekend. Thanks to all who came out and made it so enjoyable!!


Our next event will be at Hallett with the Texas Region - let's get out there and show them who's the best If you can't make Hallett, hope to see you all at Pueblo in July!

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