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Brake rules/points ??


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I have looked at the rule book and talked to another friend about this.


If I am reading the rules correctly, there is a +2 penalty for caliper change but no place to put any points for rotor on a classification sheet. Rules read "any rotor" basically. (cooling ducts, etc are free obviously)


So if I am reading this right, one could retain the stock rotors on the car and place a pair of $300 low end aftermarket calipers on the front of the car and take 2 pts, and you could take the same 2 pt hit putting @ $6k kit on the car w/ 4 high end aftermarket calipers @ 4 corners, and run 2" larger 2 pc rotors front and rear?


IE, ANY brake upgrade hardware (rotor/caliper/caliper mounting bracket) is a +2 pt penalty? Is this correct?

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You can also spend $1000+ on 2 piece rotors and take +0


You can also spend $0 and use stock calipers, but that did not come on the base model and take + 2


Ask me how I know. Rules are interesting, aren't they?

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