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FS- Racing tools/Safety Equiptment


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This is Rob's sister Tammy, Rob is selling :


(all prices do not include shipping)

-Sporco R506 2 layer race suit- $190 Used 1 and a bit seasons. Size 56 (fits medium build- Rob is 5'9", 185LB) SFI 2-3A/5. Manufature year 2005

-Longacre quick fill tank with tire gauge $130

-Longacre toe plates $30

-Bieffe Bredator SA2000 helmet with HANS posts. Size Medium (22"crown) Visor not form gitting (which is good for Rob as it allows some ventilation so glasses don't fog) $50

-2.5 LB extinguisher with mount (NASA legal) $50

-Sparco -2 pairs socks, belaclava-$20

-G-force size 9 race shoes -$15

-Sparco double layer Nomex gloves size medium - $20






Not Pictured - Intercomp camber/caster bubble gauge with magnetic attacment $90



To contact Rob with any questions call 701-232-2648

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Sold the suit, socks, balaclava, shoes, gloves and toe plates. Still available are the air tank with guage, helmet, extinguisher and camber/caster guage.


Also selling an open trailer for $900.


Call Rob with questions at 701 232 2648



nancy (Rob's wife)

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