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FS 1995 M3 HPDE/TTC/GTS Track Car (Chicago, IL area)


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After much deliberation I've decided to sell the track car I purchased back in October. With current economic conditions, I just can't justify having a "toy" car and a dedicated track car.


It's a 1995 M3 with approximately 107,000 miles. I say approximately because the car is currently in storage at a friends house about 2 hours away - I'm planning to drive it back down next weekend (still street legal). I can get an exact mileage reading before next weekend if necessary.


Anyways, the two previous owners were both instructors - one for BMWCCA (Windy City BMW and Badger Bimmers) and another for NASA (Midwest). This is a very serious track car and is really only a cage away from being a full on race car. The car has a clean title with no accident history and is in great overall condition - both mechanical and cosmetic. There are no outstanding liens on the car and I have the title in hand.


As far as modifications go, here's the list broken down in to categories:



TC Kline Trackline Suspension (monoball – no bushings)

TC Kline Shock Mounts (adjustable for camber and caster)

Koni Single Adjustable Shocks

H&R Race Springs

Turner Motorsport Sway Bars (27mm front / 24mm rear)

Turner Motorsport Sway Bar Links

Turner Motorsport Camber Bolts



BMW Euro 2-Piece Front Rotors (nearly like new)

Stainless Steel Brake Lines

Speed Bleeders

Porterfield R4 Brake Pads (nearly like new - only one rain event on them)

Elf High Temperature Fluid


Wheels / Tires:

17” BBS RK’s with Pilot Sport 2’s

17” BMW Contours with Toyo R888’s (Bimmerworld scrubs - unused by me)

17” ASA AR1's with used up Pilot Sport Cups


Transmission / Driveline:

UUC Lightweight Flywheel (11.6LB)

Rouge Engineering Octane Short Throw Shifter (with WSR)

Rogue Engineering Transmission Mount

UUC Clutch Arm Bushings

BMW 3.38 LSD (from an automatic M3 – not installed)


Engine / Exhaust:

VAC Motorsports Stage 2 Head (ready for cams - installed in December of '08)

Turner Motorsport Performance Chip

Eurosport Shark Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake

Eurosport High Flow MAF

Eurosport 24# Injectors

Zionsville Autosport Competition Cooling Kit (radiator, expansion tank, electric fan)

Stewart Lifetime Water Pump (installed in December of '08)

75 Degree Thermostat (installed in December of '08)

Ireland Engineering Urethane Motor Mounts

BMW S52 Headers (custom match ported)

Magnaflow Custom Exhaust (no cats)


Interior / Safety:

Momo Corse Steering Wheel

Sparco Evo Driver’s Seat

Stock BMW Vader Passenger Seat

Brey-Krause Harness Bar

Schroth Profi II ASM 4-Point Cam Lock Harness (6-point for driver)

Wide Angle Rear View Mirror

Eastern Motorwerks Custom Gauge Kit (oil temperature, oil pressure, voltage)


Exterior / Appearance:

Turner Motorsport M Flag Kit

Turner Motorsport Fog Light Covers

Euro Ellipsoid Headlights (with StonGard protection)

Carbon Fiber Sunroof Panel

New Windshield (installed in December of '08)


About $4,000 has been put in to the car since I got it back in October... Most if this is due to one of my track buddies money shifting it during the drive home the day I got it! I also took care of a few areas of cancer (rust) as well as some new tires and brake pads.


The car comes with 4" of documentation for pretty much everything listed above! In addition to what's listed above, the entire interior (with the exception of the door panels) and original exhaust is also included with the car. Detailed photos of the car as well as the included parts can be found at my gallery here:


Now for the bottom line... I'm asking $12,995 for the car with all of the trimmings. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

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Price drop... This is a great deal for anybody looking for a very capable track / race car! I'm willing to consider reasonable offers, but no trades please.

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24 Hours of Le Mans price drop


Several tire kickers, but nobody who has actually committed yet... I drove the car home last weekend (approximately 120 miles) - no issues. The exact mileage is 106,994. I also took some updated photos which can be found here:


Anybody who knows what they're looking at here understands what an amazing car this is for what I'm asking!

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