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t tops or no t tops


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I have seen a question about this before but can't find it now.

Auto power cage 87 F body AI 2005 w/ t tops. Do I need the center bar installed in the roof if I take the t tops out and replace the space with a new roof w/ proper bracing? Will I need to run arm restraints for AI?

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Here's the way I see it:

Run with T-tops off...need to have the center bar in the halo and run with arm restraints.


Cover the T-tops with suitable metal panel securely fastened, no need for center bar in the halo or the use of arm restraints.


The halo bar is intended to keep stuff from coming into the car...

The arm restraints are intended to keep stuff from coming out of the car...


Having a solid roof theoretically solves the bar & arm restraint problem.


-=- Todd


PS- Posted as a racer.

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