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Looking for an engine builder.


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I have a Honda B16 engine that I need to get rebuilt.


Any suggestions for an engine builder?


I would prefer a place that is local, and I live in the Chicago area.


How much is the going rate for a rebuild?

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Thanks. I was looking at the King Motorsports site, and the prices they have listed for rebuilds are 1750 for a short block and 3500 for a long block. That is for labor only, parts not included.


Is that about average for a rebuild? It seems really expensive.

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I would think you could get a brand new longblock for close to that, so yeah, I'd say it sounds expensive. Profunction does nice work here, but I'm not sure if they offer rebuilding services. I know of at least two HC guys that deal with them: http://www.profunctionauto.com/

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If you don't need anything other than a stock engine, It's hard to go wrong with a motor built by Honda.

Why don't you just buy annother good used one? I use www.hmotorsonline.com.

King Motorsports (near you) is top tier if you need anything other than a stocker.

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