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944 driver parts, make offer or it goes to the dump


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This is a x-post from a thread I put on Pelican. This is a bunch of stuff that I need to get rid of! If you see something you need, throw me a resonable offer. If it's not spoken for in the next 2 weeks it goes in the dumpster.


http://forums.pelicanparts.com/showthread.php?t=477973" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;


All the following parts are for the Porsche 944 or 944S.

Early speedo cable

Late blower motor

fog lights

A/C bracket

944S exhaust (2-1 tube, cat, resonator, will need new muffler)

A/C compressors (tested good) x2

Power steering pump

open differentials x2

944 oil cooler assembly (heat exchanger and cover)

late turn signal stalk assembs (black) x2

early turn signal stalk assemb (brown)

electric door lock actuators

Red and yellow corner lights

Drivers door w/glass

Pass door w/glass

headliner header panels (that visors mount to) (1-black, 1-brown)

Pass side air bag assemb.

Iron exhaust manifolds

Late speedo and gauge cluster (79k miles on clock)

Aluminum jack and handle

early A/C - heat underdash unit

windshield washer tanks with pumps x2

brown interior sunroof panel

rear wiper assemblies (1-early, 1-late)

Tan script back seat (top and bottom)

Tan leather back seat (top and bottom)

bumper shocks

87 "S" front strut and coil assembs (inserts replaced 3k ago)

late aluminum a-arms (951.341.149.10 & 951.341.150.10)



-Nick Miller

Bennington Motorsports

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