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Need tech guy help!!! seat mounting


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I'm having second thoughts on how I'm going to remount my seat lower in a car I just picked up (which was an SSB can and because of that the cge is a little low).

Here are some pics:








And here is why its all a problem (that and and the fact I'm 6'2")






Pics 3 and 4 are what I'm dealing with (inner mount). I had to cut out the bottom seat bar that the shown seat bracket was bolted to. My question is can I use peices of angle stock to mount the seat. What I mean is for the front mount can mount the angle with one side laying flat on the top of the tunnel and the other connecting to the weld plate from the origional seat mount setup. And for the rear can I use a shorter angle that will mount to a plate that will be welded from the floor pan 1/2 way up the tunnel. To these angles I will be using these mount plates.




I'll try to get some updated pics later tonight if needed.


Thanx so much for the help..

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since no one has replied I take a stab:


could you take a pic at the angles you would be mount the plates that would attach the seat? What type of seat? any pics of where you could attach the seat to the cage?


here is a pic of my mount that is from



but that may not help you

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When I mounted mine (2006 Mustang GT, Ultashield seats), I used a stack of tape rolls (4", 2" 1" and 1/2" thickness) to mock up the seat placement, and then looked at what I needed to put the seat in that position. For me, it turned out to be a big PITA. I'm 5'11", and mounting the seat brackets to the floor had me eye level with the speedo and tach, so that was out. I wound up ordering Corbeau mounting brackets, throwing away the single-lock sliders, and bolting the Sparco side brackets to that. Then I re-set the seat on the tape rolls, with the brackets in place, and used that to mark my drill holes on the seat. All total, I probably had the seat and brackets in and out of the car eight times before I was done. It's the old saw: measure twice, cut once.

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