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TT Standings and Records for 2015


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not now … or at least I can't find it … what shows up now is the same as the provisionals that Nick mentioned


maybe (with my advancing age) I'm mis-remembering



did you register with mylaps?


You have to go in through your account.

and heaven help you if you had an old one that got botched with the site "upgrade".

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yeah … I log in and then hunt up our event … I can't find anything that is "me" only


You use to get a graph of all tour laps when you clicked on you.

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Hey Jeff,


The TT1 record at Roebling should be 1:11.792 I set in April on Sun.



I have not updated track records for year yet....I will, soon...

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Standings updated through August 2015. Check for accuracy.


Track Records updated by what I could locate. Let me know when and where any new records exist.



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They've moved - you can get them from the SE website:



We had troubles uploading them to the National TT site so we moved them over to Google Docs to simplify the process and have better access control.

Season Points:



Track Records:


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