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GTS Grattan report


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Not sure who actually won......

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Well, the weather was perfect and it was an exciting weekend. Paul and I were the only entrants in GTS2. In the Friday race Paul took first and I finished second well behind. On Saturday I posted a 1:28.51 in qualifying, 1.5 sec better than my previous best at Grattan, only to be outdone by Paul who ran a 1:27.8, or something very close to that. Since there were only 2 of us in GTS2 and a lot of cars dropping out of GTS3, we decided to run the 1st race on Saturday in GTS3 so we could at least run for contingency. Paul took first, I took second and Bob Smith finished third, only to find out after the race that Paul and I were DQ'ed for for passing under yellow. I never saw the flag and neither did Paul, but looking back at some video its pretty clear that I passed under yellow in turn #9. It was not intentional, and it did not affect the outcome of anybodys race but nonetheless the mistake left Bob Smith to win the GTS3 race. I'm not sure what happened in the last race, most everybody (including myself) left since it started at 5:30... anyhow, great times. I really enjoyed it only wished more people could have been there. Here is a video from the Friday race. Only had the rear bumper cam working, but still some pretty good action...



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A 5:30 start is pretty late for the last day! It looks like a lot of people bugged out. Have they made any changes in the track? You guys sure were fast!!!

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