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Rally WV: supps or details?

Jeff Hagan

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Jeff Hagan

Hey, all.


Just wondering about Rally West Virginia: any word on when the supps will be up on the web site?


Alternately, can you give us any scheduling details that will help us for travel arrangements? What's the window for registration & scrutineering for competitors who are doing the NCO and recce?


Actually, that's another question: is there going to be recce or a notes familiarization pass?

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Hey Jeff et al,


The RWV Supps and Entry are all up as of this past Sat. Early entry starts today. See: www.rallywv.com or http://blog.rallywv.com


The general sked is as in the previous 2 years: registration on Thursday, rally starting late AM on Friday and all day Saturday.


As for recce, this has been discussed and planned internally at great length for 2009. (This extended discussion has been the main delay in getting the supps in place.) The killer for 2 pass recce is that you would have to come to register by Wed eve, then spend a long day on Thursday and some more time on Friday AM to get 2 pass recce done. The roads are so spread out and the loop-around roads are so long that it takes forever to do 2 pass recce. So that did not seem a good option. NFP seems like a better option, but has not been adopted as of this point; this would still require competitors to come in earlier, get registered on Thursday AM for NFP, and then do part of the course on Thursday afternoon, and then more starting o'dark AM on Friday. With the economics being what they are this year, it seemed too questionable as to the benefit of doing this in 2009.


Thanks and regards! Hope to see you there!

Mark B.

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