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Help needed changing clutch


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Hello Eric et al,


So my friend Al has followed the Clark's Garage instructions and is stuck at "Remove the 4 clutch housing retaining bolts (2 at the top of the housing - 2 at the bottom)" due to limited access for any kind of tool to put some torque on one top and one drivers left bellhousing (aka clutch housing) bolt.


He found nothing prior to step 26 suggesting a need to lower the engine or get special tools or similar.


He would be grateful for any advice you have for removing the top bolt and the driver's side left bolt so he can go forward with removal of the clutch housing etc.


You don't need me in the loop but do hit me up if I can help in any way.


Al's direct contact info is 760.987.1766 or [email protected].


Thank you and God be with you,

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When I did mine I remember using a variety of long extensions and a swivel link with the ratchet. I had a lift and was able to do most everything from underneath the car but I may have tried from the top too for better access. The main problem I had was the reference sensors were damaged when the clutch failed and wouldn't slide out so I had to remove the plate they were mounted to. I don't remember there being any real tricks needed, you just have to be persistant on some of the hard to reach bolts. I referenced the Clarks article too.

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