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<FS> MOMO cup seat - black


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I have a pair of Momo Cup seats that I am hoping to sell. Up first, is the passenger seat, which is in very good (used) condition. It spends most of its time in a closet, since my days of having a passenger in the car are far and few between. I think it was in the car one weekend all of last year.

I will eventually be selling the second one, but for right now, its still in the car, dirty and hard to photograph. If anyone is anywhere near the "I'll buy them now, but only in a pair" mode, then I'll expedite its removal, otherwise I'm hopping to sell one, buy a replacement, then sell the second one, so that I won't risk being without a seat. I'm selling them because they are a little tighter fitting than they used to be. I'm sure it's because the seat shrank!


The cushions/ fabric on this are in near perfect condition. The back shell has some scuffing on it from it being in/out of the car. Side Mount.


The cushions/ fabric on the other seat (still in car) are in very good condition, but the Momo embroidery is starting to show some wear.. The back shell on this one also has some scuffing on it from it being in/out of the car and from the back brace. Side Mount.


Asking $329 plus shipping or best offer.


If you need/want both, I'll try to work out some sort of promotional pricing on the shipping, maybe free, maybe half, it will depend on where you're at and how big the box will be.


The photo shows a bracket, but I don't intend to sell the brackets. I'll need one pair of them for whatever replacement I decide to buy, plus since they have been modified from how Momo sells them and I don't want the liability should something go wrong during their use.










[email protected]


I plan to tote them with me to whatever track events I attend, so if you frequent the midwest/great lakes events, look for them there. You are more than welcome to test fit them in person.

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update: both seats are now available immediately. Price reduced.

$500 for the pair, $300 each, plus shipping. I will consider reasonable offers, especially for local deals (chicago area) where I can just hand them to you instead of shipping.

I plan to drag them with me to track events, if that makes the transaction easier.

Autobahn in July

Blackhawk in August



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