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Unfair classing methods being used?


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This is not an attack or anything of the sort. Just something I found interesting.


My story is that I have an BMW E30 with an E36 M3 engine swap which I had been base classed for TTC*. Since my dynograph was not valid (done on Dyno Dynamics), it was classed based on stock HP rating. After all the points were added for power mods and suspension and such I still remained in TTC and had 250rwhp.


I decided to turbocharge my car, so I requested to get a base classing for TTA. What I got was 295rwhp for TTA* and 325rwhp for TTA**.


So this is the part that gets me wondering. Just by looking at HP numbers, I got charged 34 points for 45hp and then am only charged 7 points for an extra 30hp?


Is just the fact of having a turbocharger (without HP increase) really worth 23 points?





I think what it probably comes down to is how you play the rule book so you shouldn't expect it to be fair from all angles. But I have to say I was bit disappointed. Especially since to make that power I will only be boosting 5psi...how boring, lol

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I would be interested in hearing what methods/formulas are used to classify the cars based on dynomameter readings and weight...

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