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Great Lakes regional Cup award in Grassroots

Jay A.

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To everyone that sponsored and helped make this AI award a reality. Thank you again for your support.

Maximum Motorsports, Toyo Tires, Hawk Performance, Hoosier Tire, Phil's Trackside Tire Service, Optimum Motorsports, Agent 47, G-Stream Competition products, Tiger Racing and Andrew Racing. Special Thanks to Elliott Fisher for coming up with the idea and Dave Royce and Bryan Cohn for their support.


We got a BIG photo on page 157 of the latest Grassroots Motorsports magazine. In the photo all the company’s logos are visible and all the names are listed in the story. Big thanks to Scott at Grassroots for putting this together and Chris Clark for taking the photo. Also congratulations to Greg Walker and Rusty Ferguson for winning the 2008 championship.


This is the award for winning the Great Lakes region Annual championship in AI and AIX.

All are invited to try to win the cup and have their name engraved in history.

This Cupis actually silver plated and made in Italy-It’s the real thing.


Jay Andrew

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Man that is like the giant mack daddy award. Great picture Rusty.


May run more in our region for my name on something like that for sure.


Great idea!


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Jay, outstanding job on following through with this project, the trophy came out beautiful. Thanks to all the sponsors as well, I know everyone will be excited to run for this Cup. Congrats to Rusty on a great season, well deserved.


See you boys in Utah.


E Fisher # 12

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