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2004 24' Enclosed Car Trailer for Sale with extras


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I am looking to sell my enclosed car trailer.


I bought it new in January of 2004. I have used it about 8 times per year for the last 4 years. It is in nice shape. A few bumps and scratches, but no big deal.


The axles are 3500Lb axles with freshly replaced brake components on all 4 wheels. Bearings all just repacked. The axles are Torsion brand axles. They pull really nice.


The exterior is silver with a no rivet design. You can see that in one of the pictures. The external body interlocks with itself so that there are no visible fasteners. A very clean look. I added a picture of that.


The rear door has an extended length tongue to get lowered cars in and out.


The interior has white walls.


It comes with a battery, a winch, and a solar cell mounted on the roof so that it will charge the battery when it is sitting. The winch is great for getting the car in and out. No worries about driving the car in and trying to sneak out of the door.


It has a walk on roof, so you can climb the ladder and take a couple of chairs up on the roof to watch the action.


It comes with an 18' awning from Carefree of Colorado. There is one 8" rip in the awning from a easyup that blew across the paddock at Beaverun two years ago and a matching scratch on the side door.


I am looking for $5200 for the trailer. The trailer is located in Cleveland Ohio.
























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Did this sell? This is a cool trailer, but the $4,800 - $5,200 range seemed a little high for the age. Drop me an e-mail at dejf5@comcast if you still have it.....David

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