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Racing Electronics - in car radio wiring accessories


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I've upgraded my in-car Racing Electronics radio system, so I have a few parts I'm selling, which are all in perfect working condition:


1) RE RT4302 Platinum in-car wiring harness for Motorola 2-pin style handsets and NASCAR style 1/4" helmet jack. SOLD


2) RE RE703 Platinum Push-to-Talk PTT velcro mount cable. Retails for $90, selling it for SOLD


3) RE RB-4 Sturdy aluminum radio mounting box w/ 1.75" tube mount (and a custom fabricated aluminum mount if you want to pop rivet the box to your passenger side transmission tunnel). Retails for $30. Selling for SOLD


4) RE Standard Flex Boom with standard mic helmet kit (for open face helmets, but you can probably make it work in your closed faced helmet). Retails for $130. Selling for $65.


USPS shipping is $5 (no matter if you buy one or more items). And only Paypal is accepted.


So, you might be asking yourself, "what else would I need to make this system operational for my car?" Well, you'd need two Motorola 2-way radio handsets (SP50, CP200, etc.). Ear speaker plugs (your regular iPod earbuds will work, but they don't offer ear protection) that range from inexpensive foam to custom molded. Optional, but very useful items would include a crew chief headset and an external roof mounted antenna. And I'd be happy to help you with model numbers and advice.


If you're interested, please PM or email me at dbbmwm3(at)yahoo(dot)com



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