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OPINIONS NEEDED - What car is Best?!


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I have not yet become involved in TT. I am curious about the cars that are successful in TT. I would love to know what cars seem to be the most successful and then better understand the types of mods and investment that must be made in order to be competitive.


Can you share all your opinions with me on this topic??



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depends on your budget and what you like - speed costs money


TTF is cheap so thats where I play. I'd pick out a FWD car since they're given (imo) too big a break at these lower power levels...

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Take an '02-04 Z06.


*sigh* the bastard 01's out to pasture


The 01 can stay - the bastard driving it needs to be out in the pasture...

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Lotus Exige in TTA


New Evo in TTA






S2000 in TTB


Miata in several classes


C5/C6 in TTS or TTU


GT3 in TTS


FR500S in TTA


Look at the TT website to see track records and class standings - there are lots of cars in the mix but some are better out of the box.


C5Z is a hard combo to beat in TTA - but it has been upon occasion - but with a good setup and a better driver it is still competitive - even with the skinny azz 295s we are stuck with...

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