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Any kind of Pre/Post race checklist?


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Does anyone have a list of maintenance stuff they do/check...


1) before going to the track

2) before each stint

3) after each stint

4) when you get home from the track


You know, how often do you check/clean air filters, oil levels, tire pressures, etc.....


Justy trying to get organized...any help is appreciated




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We're gonna kick your ass anyway............


No, but seriously.

Here's a start.

-Check the oil before each and every session. Fill to 1/8th inch OVER the full mark. I have 2 busy seasons (plus) on the same set of rod bearings.

-Check your A-arm ball joints frequently. These are a show stopper if they're found bad at the track. They can ruin a set of tires quickly if loose. Learn to distinguish the different causes of a front wheel "feeling" loose. Is it the wheel bearing, the ball joint, the 2 bolts on the spindle?

-Every time I pull a wheel off, I look around in the wheel well. Check the brake pad pin clips. Nothing rubbing? Rotor and pad condition?

-I shake the air filter out before an event. I always find small gravel and pieces of rubber in there! Air filters are cheap.

That's a start.......you can organize them and add to it. The oil is by far the most important.

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Keep it coming....


...and what kind of guy gains pleasure from "kicking the ass" of a new "racer" that hasn't even driven a stick shift in 20 years...


Unfortunately my job requires a 4 door sedan.... almost always an automatic.... Maybe theres an M5 in my future......

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I have an XTERRA SE with a 5 spd (same pattern as the 44) I drive daily, great prctice . It also handles very well an has done 90 MPH around NASSCAR 1&2 at California Speedway (4 adults and a cooler.)


My wife has an '01 XTERRA Se for sale-w/ 5spd & low miles


I contend that what ever you drive, you should find its limits and quirks. That way when something comes up when you have a Starbucks in your hand, hopefully you can handle it.

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Thanks for the Sunday morning chuuckle, Bill....much better than going to church!


Jim , you know I'm just razzin' you...............but we're still gonna kick your ass.


Please do build your list of periodic maintenance. You'll be helping guys newer than yourself and maybe some of us old hands, too. Thanks.


944-spec..........where few egos dare to tread.

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Something I just thought of was "painting" suspension bolts. You make sure they're tight, then put a stroke of paint across them with a small brush. That way you can quickly and visually check all that stuff for tightness. Gotta really clean the undercarraige first though. Hint: don't use black paint to make the hardware. Also paint the rear wheel nuts. (Not the wheel lug nuts, but the big crush nut that holds the wheel bearing in place. On both the older steel and newer aluminum trailing arms, these take a huge amount of torque (hundreds of foot pounds with a huge torque wrench, steel arms require different torque than aluminum arms), so make sure your shop does this right. Some of the nuts are castellated and so can be pinned in place. Use the crush nuts only once, then throw them out, they're stretched.

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Yep, Great Idea on the bolts. Just need some cheap white touch-up paint. That will do it.


Keeping the undercarrage clean is great since you can very quicly spot and issue.


For me I bleed brakes and rotate tires each track day so. That gives me a chance to look around the wheel wells for anything that may appear out of place.


I check oil each session and add as required. Clean air filter every day.


No check list, but lots of looking tugs here and there.


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