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Neon for sale - PTF, ITA, Spec Neon - Michigan

Greg Krom

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Posting for a friend...


As it sits, I'm pretty sure that this car would be in PTF, but I'd have to run the numbers to know for sure. The car would need a center net for NASA competition.


Chris did a really nice job putting this car together, on a tight budget. Someone is going to end up with a nice clean race car at a good price. It's a shame he has to sell it.


Chris kept a blog detailing a lot of the work he did to put the car together. Check it out for more info on the build process - http://www.boneheadracing.blogspot.com/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;



Thanks to the crap economy, I'm forced to part with my Spec Neon. Please PM if interested.


1994 1/2 (95) Neon ACR Sedan - built to WHRRI Spec Neon rules. Comes fully logbooked with a race history dating back to 1995.


Can be run in multiple organizations/classes:


WHRRI Spec Neon / SCCA ITA / NASA Performance Touring,

SCCA rallycross M2 (I've got Hankook rally tires for it), and I'm sure it could make a killer Solo car.


The car is still completely street legal with a clear title. All the necessary gear for a track day fits inside, so just drive straight to the track. No need for a trailer or tow vehicle!


This car was rebuilt over the last two years from a clean, straight, street car. All race parts were donated from a wrecked race car. The car was built as a budget friendly way to go racing. Mission accomplished, but I just don't have the funds to continue.


Right now the car is in stealth/track day mode. Since it's street legal, I drove it around a few times last summer. Note the passenger seat for hauling a buddy around on a track day.

It's unrefined and loud for a DD, but if that's your desire, it would work fine. It's definitely fun on the street!

On the street and track, temps and fluids stay right where they should. The car has proven reliable on it's track outings and I think it has the potential to be fast.


Putzing around WHRRI on a track day, making sure everything was holding together, I was still in the 1:24, high 1:23 range, so the potential is definitely there.


The car is 100% Track Day ready, and 99% Race ready. If memory serves, I think all it needs to go racing is a new battery tiedown, a transponder, and some numbers/graphics - possibly a center net too, but that depends on where you run.




Stock internals

Crankshaft under-drive pulley

Decked head (still within the SN ruleset) with mild port-match job

Iceman cold-air intake

Mopar Performance ECU




3.94 final drive

Booger bushings in shift linkage




Spec Mopar adjustable rear sway bar

Spec Mopar high-rate springs

Spec Arvin struts

Spec poly bushings





One year old belts and window net.

Kirk bolt-in cage updated by SkyTek with dual door bars

Multiple wheel/tire combos

Fire Extinguisher

Newer front calipers, new rotors, and Hawk pads


Available, but not installed are a set of AutoMeter Carbon Light gauges.


Extensive mechanical spares package including several sets of wheels and usable R compound tires. In various bins, I also have many of the major components to restore the car to a more or less stock configuration (you're on your own for the interior). Also included are some body spares - doors, tail lights, bumper beam and cover, along with various others I can't recall.


A few of the local Spec Neon racers are very familiar with this car, and can vouch for it's pedigree. Contact info available upon request.


$2500 - lowballers will be singled out and publicly ridiculed.


Come out and see it anytime in Farmington Hills - PM if interested.



























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