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Yousko vaults to second place in the 2004 Championship!

Tim Comeau

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Pete got in some late season racing with us and leap frogged into a strong second place, nudging Jason Wilberding into third and bumping Dylan Scott off the podium altogether.

Pete's efforts late in the Championship will earn him $300 towards TOYO TIRES!

Way to go, Pete!

2005 is going to be much closer in the points standings, with many more drivers coming up to speed!

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man....I didn't realize there was Toyo $$'s on the line!


I was talking to Dylan about it and we both thought there was only something for 1st place.


What is it for 3rd place?

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Yep toyo bucks go through 3rd place for season championship.


Pete when from 4th to 2nd in points.


Final 2004 So cal Points standings are as follows....


1) Tim Comeau - 1340 pts - $600 Toyo bucks

2) Pete Yousko - 865 pts - $300 Toyo bucks

3) Jason Wilberding - 750 pts - $150 Toyo bucks

4) Dylan Scott - 680 pts


Full details found below.



Toyo Details

In addition to the rebate awards outlined above,[per race awards .ed] those classes that do spec. the Toyo Proxes RA1 as the only tire to be used will also be eligible for the following award:



1st Place = 600 “Toyo Dollars” rebate certificate

2nd Place = 300 “Toyo Dollars” rebate certificate

3rd Place = 150 “Toyo Dollars” rebate certificate



There must be a minimum of five competitors participating in the regional class championship to qualify for the class championship rebate award.



2004 Saw 19 Drivers compete for points.

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TOYO TIRES SoCal season points have been finalized as of today(11/22, thanks a ton to NASA Jim!). I've made a copy of the results and mailed it off to TOYO for a big paycheck!

Pete and Jason, please do the same. You don't need any form, there is none for the championship. I just highlighted my name, results, and stuck a post-it pad note on there with my address.

Congratulations, you guys!

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