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Need Mazda SM pieces . .


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OK it's Maddog from SoCal. You may know of the unfortunate shunts (not my fault) that sidelined my 944 Spec Porsche (2nd total). So how about you well-heeled Spec Miata drivers getting rid of some of the discarded or renewed/replaced bits to bring a high-mileage (370km) Canadian Miata to the track?


I need everything. Suspension, tires/wheels, exhaust, cage, and a hardtop. Nothing has to be perfect and donations are better than cheap! Just thought I'd give a shout-out and see if anything was littering your collective garages. I've watched too many races this year from the sidelines and need to get back in the game. Plus those SM Miata races are just too cool to just let my HPDE3 students learn from the pitwall. Let's give 'em some 1st hand experience!


Thanks in advance for any bits or advice. Please PM anything you might have, so any other buzzards don't beat me to the punch!


See ya on track guys/gals. And again all the students and myself love to see the amazing driving and strategy that is SoCal SM action . . .

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I'll be parting a 1.6 specmiata out in another week or so. One off my customers hit another wall with his 1.6 SM and we decided on a complete 2000 SM build for him. Call me at the shop at 256-309-0492 if interested in any parts. Race engineering engine,4:30 torsen,good trans,hardtop,spare crate engine,seat,etc.....

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