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FREE! Lots of race tires - Garland, TX


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FREE Race Tires! I want them gone. You must pick up, no shipping. Please take all Goodyears or all Hoosiers or all of both.


Goodyear Sports Car Special Racing Tires


These tires are from the 2007 season from a no budget professional team running the Star Mazda series. All have very good tread left and appear to have only 1-2 sessions on them. Tread depth shows about 3/16” left on the wear indicators.


21x8x13 - PN 807-293-068

(5) R430

(2) R340

(8) R250

15 total


22x11x13 - PN 807-136-068

(8) R430

(2) R340

(8) R250

18 total


33 Tires.


Goodyear specs: http://www.racegoodyear.com/tires/pd...s_car_spec.pdf



Hoosier R6 225/45/15

8 Tires total


These are worn, some with none, 1 or barely both of the lines still visible. These were ran during the late 2007 season.



Pictures of both here: http://img297.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=pict0148.jpg


PM if interested.

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were the 15' hoosier's picked up? if not im very interested, just a short drive from oklahoma.


Yes, the Hoosiers are gone. Goodyears went on the free section of CL and are being picked up this weekend to be used for who knows what.

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