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944 engine rebuilding in socal


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Help the new guy out you guys. (LA types) Share your experience, recommendations in some private messages if you want?


Billy, if you're building an engine that will be raced in 944-spec, please ensure that whoever does it, builds it completely stock, or as per the class rules (near stock).

Have fun with your 944, regardless.

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Does anybody know of any shops that can rebuild a 944 motor for a reasonable amount and know what they're doing? I live in Claremont/Pomona area.




Sorry, being a recent implant to LA (SoCal), I'm not sure where you are at? Of course I could be less lazy I guess and look it up on Mapquest? Hmm, your a ways away. But, I know a guy in Torrance who does work out of his home, sometimes. He's one of those 944 nuts. He worked on my first spec car for the clutch and then helped Jason get it running again after it had a water leak issue. He even did some major work to Mr. Rea's car. Hmmm, seeing a trend here, maybe this guy is better than most? Maybe it's because he loves the 944 that he puts more attention to detail in his efforts?


PM me if you want his details?



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