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I knew I knew these 944 parts!!!

Tim Comeau

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  • 1 month later...

Well, I sure had some doubts, Chuck!

Closing the deal on the CRE # 007 car made it a sure thing. Now, I'm hoping to drag the new owner, Tom Atteberry, SoCal #805, to the Nationals with me.

He's been renting the car from me and we've been having some good fun working together. Bright guy. He actually saved the engine the other day. What do you know? A renter who watches the gauges! He saw it was overheating and called "Game over" by himself, pulled off the track and sat it out.

It's amazing how poorly the car cools itself when the lower radiator hose gets sliced open by the right fan, which has fallen backwards into it with the radiator, which got knocked off the radiator shelf by a huge cone!

We did a couple emergency transfusions of water with a spare 924S lower rad hose, which barely, barely fit. But we got the heat out of the head fast enough. Happy ending this time.

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