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Bad Solenoid?


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I've had an intermittent starting problem that I think might be the solenoid. I was thinking it was my push-button starter switch but now I'm thinking its the solenoid.


I went out to start the car today and had plenty of battery but the starter didn't turnover or click when I pushed the starter switch. There was, however, a noticeable 'drain' on the electrical system when I pushed the button which led me to believe the switch was working fine.


I dropped down and 'jumped' the solenoid between the + and - posts which immediately began to crank the starter. Hopped back in and hit the starter button and the starter now cranks over.


Could this be a failing solenoid or something else?

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Bad solenoid.


On my car I had to rig up some thing to connect the parts of the 84 944 harness with later 87 924 main engine harness when the connectors did nto match This cause a hot start problem that was caused by too thin wires going to the starter. Thus low volts and not enough to crank.


Unless you have some funky wiring I guess the solenoid.


Buy a rebuilt starter and swap yours out. 15 min job. 30 min if you could the beer after the job is done.

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If you do replace the starter, get a late model one. It is considerably lighter than the early one. The late one fits all cars, not sure about the early one.

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