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Question regarding min competition weight


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If you have had your car base classed by dyno readings and have already declared a minimum competition weight, is the only way to run lighter to have the car reclassed? Or can TTers who have had their cars classed this way still take "weight reduction" points?


I find myself with up to 6 points to spare depending on what tire size I use. The only reasonable option for me right now is to reduce weight. Can I use these points towards weight reduction as if I was classing my car solely based on points?


ie: If my car comes in at more than 50lbs lighter (but less than 65lbs) than my declared competition weight, I would have to take +4 pts?


I understand that the weight reduction points are supposed be based on the difference between the min comp weight and the weight used for base classing, but in my case, my car has an engine swap and thus no "real base class weight"....

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  • National Staff



Once you re-class by Dyno, you must stick with your listed minimum competition weight and maximum HP. You cannot use the weight reduction rules at all, and cannot use the power mod rules at all.

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Thanks for quick response Greg.


I'll probably contact you via email in the next few days specifically regarding my car's weight.

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