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NEEDED:: trustworthy shop. Engine assembly and tune by JULY


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Morning to all.

I'm looking to you honda challenege guys for guidance. My track car motor needs freshening up. The only part of my car I have never ventured to touch was the bottom end. I can take it apart yes, but i don't know if i'm capable of putting it back together CORRECTLY the first time and i don't have too much time to waste before my next event JULY 23rd in nashville.


it is a C5 with Toda C's / weisco 12:1/eagle rods/ and some nice bolt ons. made 206/136 whp back in 03'. motor was built and tuned by stephen sakai of SGT.


the car is primarily HDPE and time attack, and eventually, once i make it up the DE ladder, who knows what class i will fit into.


it was time for a new head gasket, oil pump, valve seals etc. just some preventative maintenance. I didn't plan on doing rings, but after removing the head i decided it needed to be done. the compression was good but the oil control rings are not working efficiently.


I live in cincinnati and i'm willing to drop off the motor a couple hours away. My budget isn't huge and i would really prefer to do this myself, but i don't have the tools i need or anyone else to show me the ropes.


is there anyone in the tristate willing to either come down and give me a hand, or point me in the direction of a trustworthy place to assemble this motor?




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honestly, there arent any places in the tri-state that i would trust. i would look into taking it to kevin helms at hondaworks, jim justice of justice race engines. both guys do excellent honda work. i have had expreience with both shops with friends and competitor engines all parties ave been happy with their work.



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