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ZC CRX H2 Legal ?


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not legal as of right now... but if you contact your Regional Director and gather all info for the motor they can get it classed.


IIRC the ZC DOHC came in a bunch of different configurations. Since they all just say ZC, IIRC, you will need to get the the info for the one that produces the most hp and tq

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its currently being tried out out here with a couple of the d-series twin cams.


D16A1? From the 1st gen Integra? I think I remember hearing that a lot of the old H5 guys in the Northeast that are running the 3rd gen Civic / 1st gen CRX were enticed by this motor as it was a simple swap.





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Yes, the ZC aka D16a1 is legal in H2. It falls in under the D series rules. You can run at 2000 pounds, up to 12.5:1 compression and cams.


So far I'm still trying to work the bugs out of mine. It's quick right now but not fast. On a short technical course I think it will work out quite nice. On a course with long straights that's another story. I have been fighting electrical gremlins with my car once again. I think I have narrowed them down to two components but I won't be sure again until I get the car back out on track.



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